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Castiel will finally interact with Dean’s demonic side in this week’s outing. “It’s a pretty strenuous meeting,” Ackles previews. “Dean is still not quite Dean, and Cas is having to, unfortunately, use some powers he would rather not have to use against Dean.”

Even though the angel is facing his own problems and is low on grace, “Castiel is hellbent on ridding Dean of his demon and willing to do anything, no holds barred, to make sure he’s no longer a demon,” Misha Collins says, adding that their face-to-face is “a little touchy.”

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30 days of Supernatural → Day 30: Favorite OTP Moment

↳ The Crypt Scene (S08E17)

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These guys.


These guys.

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 ALRIGHT!!! Holy Crap. Here… so I used a hashtag instead…shoot me in the face. Alright, that’s it…I’m out.

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'I miss him.'


'I miss him.'

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4x01 - 10x02

Dean meeting Sam after coming back from the dead
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Monsters 101 with Jody Mills

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